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We have been busy with all kinds of preparations. Our 3rd year in this studio gallery in North Beach brings another eventful and heartfelt celebration with a community of amigos and amigas to our Dia de Los Muertos. Once again, this will be another year participating in the San Francisco Open Studios, and this is the 3rd work of art I have at the de Young Museum; check it out. The exhibition runs through January. Stop by our studio gallery in the afternoons at 480 Francisco Street. We've projects of one kind or another in the process but are happy to share a cup of tea or a glass of wine, depending on the hour.

The family in the above painting was from Venezuela seeking political asylum in a refugee camp of over 2000 people in Matamoros, Mexico. Isabel C. Olarte and family left everything behind to provide a better future for her two children. They had been waiting seven months under dire conditions to be granted immigration status in the US. Isabel was one of the few women I interviewed. I met them in February 2020, before the pandemic.

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