I am Mexican American born in Ysleta, on an Indian Reservation outside El Paso, Texas. My work explores themes of assimilation and cultural memory as our traditions get placed in the background. By exploring two themes: mothers and folklores, I depict stories inherent in integration. 

     In particular, in honoring mi Madre, my mother, I pay homage to mothers by depicting the realities of their daily lives. They work long hours only to return home, not to rest but to repeat the process with additional chores. Persevering against all the odds, meeting every challenge without question, already living in poverty, madres do not complain. As essential workers, they are the lowest-paid, often without benefits, and always fear losing their jobs. 

     I want to celebrate the perseverance and richness of our native people into an alchemy of colors and textures and iconographies inherent in our aesthetics and mythology. These are sources for discussions that will lead to healing, hope, inquiry, understanding, recognition, and/or compassion, as I have found in my journey.