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THE FIGURE I am interested in the challenge of portraying the figure. As a child, I was immensely in awe of what I saw in the Mexican Vintage calendars with white-complected couples painted in romantic memories of old Mexico. Creating paper dolls and caricatures was the start of my drive. The body's architecture, with many unique nuances, surfaces, and subtle curves, is mind-blowing. I am curious about the relationships of the nose to eyes, to mouth, to ears, how the arms fall, and how the hand rests. I ask questions about how the pelvis is compared to how the back twists.Then, in looking closely, there are a myriad of hues that convey light and tone. It is truly overwhelming but an adventure!

Costume of Evolvement | 2013
Fallen Angel | 2013
Point of Departure | 2013
False Double Steps | 2013
Catching Shadows  | 2013
Rehearsing Riddles | 2013
Scent of Reality | 2014
close-up Scent of Reality | 2014
Sometimes a Lullaby 2 | 2014
close-up Sometimes a Lullaby 2 | 2014
Sometimes a Lullaby | 2014
close-up Sometimes a Lullaby | 2014
Breathing Smiles | 2014
close-up Breathing Smiles | 2014
Quiet Moments | 2014
close-up Quiet Moments | 2014
Not Quite Ready | 2014
close-up Not Quite Ready | 2014
Kitty Cake Incognito | 2014
close-up Kitty Cake Incognito | 2014
after Sargent | 2005
close-up after Sargent | 2005
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