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LOS JARDINES (The Gardens) Childhood expeditions playing in our gardens led me to vivid imaginary travel through exotic lands where flora and fauna were flamboyantly exuberant and enticing and always in the state of evolving into unexpected conditions. 

El Noviazgo con Tonatiuh 1/3 | 2021
El Noviazgo con Tonatiuh 2/3 | 2021
El Noviazgo con Tonatiuh 3/3 | 2021

The exotic plants--transcendent, fragile, and ferociously resilient--inhabit my Earthly Paradise in my neighborhood: Golden Gate Park! Various garden mysteries, textures, and poignant hues are excellent sources of intrigue. The life of a garden is a vivid reminder that anything of beauty and radiance takes time, care, and devotion to seed, sprout, and bloom. Gardens have long been living cathedrals for the creative spirit. Capturing light, shadow, and textures proved challenging as gentle breezes came and went because of the constant movement and changes.

Magave | 2015
Cascada | 2015
December Qi | 2015
India | 2015
Nepenthe | 2015
Frond Dance no.1 | 2015
Frond Dance no.1 (close up detail) | 2015
Frond Dance no.2 | 2015
Frond Dance no.2 (close-up detail) | 2015
Proteus | 2015
Proteus (close up detail)| 2015
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