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Our next

Sunday Salons

are scheduled for

August and November. We will be sending out an email a month prior

so that you can plan accordingly. 

may 19, 2022

     Our Sunday Salon participants shared beautiful and inspiring projects. Among the presentations, a particularly delightful one was a children's book about time narrated by a cat. This whimsical tale brought joy and imparted knowledge about historical events, making it a perfect blend of fun and learning. It needs to be published!
     Naomi's beautiful voice graced her presentation with a song to accompany a painting honoring her best friend. The song will be included in a handmade book that Howard constructed. The book contains a series of acrylic paintings and will be part of a celebration next month.
     An adventure handmade textural book constructed of fabrics and ephemera collected from travels through India vicariously had us experiencing a trip. 

     A series of first shown over 20 digitally created botanical renderings created on the iPad using the Procreate App was well-received.

     Transporting us back to 1980, we were treated to black and white vintage photographs from Angela Davis' wedding. These snapshots, captured in a bygone era, were a testament to the timeless beauty of love and celebration.

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