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A Brief Background on the Making of an Artist & the Process used to Create

      I am a San Francisco self-taught visual artist who evolved from many years as a professional in Graphic Design and Illustration—all the while sketching and figure drawing—producing a broad and diverse portfolio.  Until recently, my work has been primarily representational in oil painting. 

    Recently, I began a personal journey to interpret stories my ancestors enriched our lives with along with the experiences I have had in both living and traveling throughout Mexico as a Mexican American woman; and to seek out innovative ways to represent and express my interests with all things Mexican.  This is a tribute to immigrants like my parents who left their home countries in search of work and better futures for their goal is to portray a positive and dignified spirit contrasting the hostile racial stereotypes of working people by combining icons and mythologies from our cultural traditions.  By transforming these cherished memories into a fusion of colors and textures, I work with acrylic, oils, and wax; often using repurposed materials and integrating my iPad Procreate drawings in collaged paintings.  I hope these capture the great depth of emotion and celebration of who were are.


Group Shows

2018    Collage O Rama | Arc Gallery, San Francisco

2018     KaPow! Heroic Women  | Pinball Museum, Alameda, Ca

2018    Grey City Gallery, San Francisco

2017    Migrations | Live Worms, San Francisco

2017    Collage O Rama | Arc Gallery, San Francisco

2016    Edgar Allen Poe | Ashton Gallery, San Diego

2016    Collage O Rama | Arc Gallery, San Francisco

2015    Tiny | Studio Gallery, San Francisco

2014    Like a Tom Waits Song | Arc Gallery, San Francisco

2013    Seven Fold | Live Worms, San Francisco    

2011    Sketchbook Project | Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York    

2010    Speaking of Solitude | MarinMoca, Novato, California

2010    The Feminine in Art | Eleanor Harwood Gallery, San Francisco

2010    Botanicas Intimicum | Canessa Gallery, San Francisco

2009    Open Studios | Sunnyco Studio & Gallery, San Francisco 

2008    Berkeley Art Center

2007    Open Studios | Sunnyco Studio & Gallery, San Francisco

Professional Experience

Photo Studio Manager, Event Coordinator, Photo Editor, Illustrator, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Instructor, and Interior Designer


Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, San Jose State University

French Language at Alliance Français and Institute Catholique de Paris, France

Liberal Arts, University of Texas at El Paso

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