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Doblando la Realitdad, Después de la Pandemia_Bending Reality, After the Pandemic.jpg
TodasTrabajamosNovember 12, 2021-Edit.jpg
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I am a San Francisco-based Mexican American visual
artist with a diverse portfolio of bright, bold, and whimsical representational and narrative artwork transforming environments into intriguing, lively, and welcoming spaces. Tightly constructed, highly detailed, and complex fields of color, pattern, textures, and form chronicle the aesthetics of my Mexican heritage as I examine my roots through mythologies and traditions. Inspired by my travels throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America and local adventures, my explorations extend to a solid background of landscapes, still lifes, figurative pieces, and, more importantly, an in-depth study of Mexican culture—evoking memories, often surreal ones.

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