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CHIMERAS  When we wear a costume, we are transformed into the unknown, unpredictable, and magical instances of our undiscovered, wild, and untamed natures. Our imaginations take hold of our profound curiosities, taboos, and fears only to let them come out to play and act out.

     This first painting was an outcry for being done with the isolation we had to endure during the pandemic. There was a strangeness to it all, gloominess, and to top it off, we had politicians speaking from both sides of their mouths, and it felt futile. It is about weirdness and hopefulness and reflects back to our enchanting Mexican, dream-like festivities.

Doblando la Realidad, Después de la Pandemia
de Cobalto
Estados de Animo Quijotescos
El Arriero Va
Alquimia de la Transformación

TRADICIONES  Celebrating is sacred; in Mexico, it incorporates the unusual with enchantment. Both genders, young and old laborers, transform into a mythical past wearing handcrafted costumes to partake in a dream-like festivity. Lucha Libre, Loteria, Posadas, Piñatas, and Quinceñeras, all these forms of entertainment, are the backbone of anticipation, community, and gaiety. The Mexican culture is a product of the mix of indigenous practices and traditions with the European colonial presence that strongly impacted all areas of life.

Fe Ciega_Blind Faith
Crisis de Identidad_Crisis of Identity_

ENTRE VIDA Y MUERTE (Between Life and Death) Between Life and Death) Mexicans give importance to death. Honoring the dead is sacred and the most unusual of all celebrations. We strongly believe the border between the spirit and natural worlds dissolves. It is enchanting and dream-like, where the past and present meet. It is where memories come alive; mementos are exhibited with devotion on colorful altars. During the brief period of Dia de Los Muertos between October 31 and November 2, the souls of the dead awaken and are welcome to return to the living. It is a food, drink, and dance feast with their loved ones. All while mariachis serenade among candle-lighted tombstones fabulously decorated with flowers.

Y Volver, Volver, Volver...
Se Le Paso El Tono
De Loco, Todos Tenemos Un Poco
Pinto Mi Propia Realidad
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