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Experience a global art and culture odyssey at our next Bay Lights Mixer: Art Inspired by Travel. Come enjoy a performance by Xiaopei Chinese Dance, a wine tasting from the Republic of Georgia, textile art from Finland, and see art representing destinations from all over the world. Checkout the Club’s 2 new exhibitions, Art Inspired by Travel featuring visual artists Zdenka Bleile, Mague Calanche, Ebuka Okoli, Dennis Hearne and Pacific Rim Sculpture works. Engage and connect with the global communities of the Bay Area while experiencing four floors of art happenings—from live performances, spoken word, film, music, art demos, pop-up art displays, food vendors and more—including on our rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the bay and the Bay Bridge. The event emcee is Steve Fox, radio host on 88.5 KQED in San Francisco. DJ Rosa La RumoRosa will be playing world music throughout the evening.

Robert Melton, curator

NCWCA presents


The opening reception takes place

this Saturday, June 18th from 7-9pm

(Masks required)

The Wild One is an inspiring title. Whether to be one or act like one is a bold adventure into one's unknowingness.

My painting's title in this exhibition is Doblando la Realidad, Después de la Pandemia or Bending the Reality, After the Pandemic. This was done during those long, drawn-out days of Covid. The abysmal political climate and the imminent fires that created orange skies were not only dystopian but seemingly endless. And so, I created this surreal painting to feel transformed and transported into a better unknown. While working on a series of paintings to respond to Trump's ignorance when he was putting down Mexicans, this became part of the Chimera series.

When we put on a costume, we are transformed and transported into the unknown, unpredictable and magical instances of our undiscovered, wild, and untamed natures. Our imaginations take hold of our profound curiosities, taboos, and fears only to let them come out to play and act out. These paintings allowed my imagination to be adventurous by indulging and exaggerating what I experienced in our Mexican cultural festivities.

Our ancestors held the arts in high regard. I include various indigenous symbols from Mexico's past, turning these colorful compositions into narratives that reveal our history, myths, legends, and spiritual beliefs.

I'd like to think I am transcending time by taking us on a mystical journey. And, I wish to remind us of our ancient life practices by keeping our heritage alive on this side of the border.

California Women Celebrate the Untamed

Cynthia Brannvall, juror & Elizabeth Addison, curator

June 18-August 13, 2022

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1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco, Ca 94103

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