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Collections of Paintings, Drawings, and Collages

    Celebrating the perseverance and richness of our native people by incorporating different media in an alchemy of colors, textures, and iconographies inherent in Mexican aesthetics-I draw upon various disciplines from my extensive graphic design and illustration background to further enrich my perceptions and investigations. As my work becomes dreamlike and surreal, I elaborate on insight and inspiration. Our lives are replete with many influences, an amalgamation of rich tapestries that provide myriad opportunities to allow things to flow as they come. 

     Mexicans give much importance to death and have their own version of Carnival, a celebration. “The fiesta is by nature sacred, literally or figuratively, and above all, it is the advent of the unusual. It all occurs in an enchanted world: time is transformed into a mythical past or a total present where everything takes place as if it were not so, as if it were a dream. Through a fiesta, society frees itself from the norms it has established. It ridicules its gods, its principles, and its laws: it denies its own self”. With this, Mexicans relate best to each other: “Thanks to the fiesta, the Mexican opens out, participates, communes with his fellows and with the values that give meaning to his religious or political existence.”   -Octavio Paz

Fe Ciega_Blind Faiths.jpg
Passion, Patience, & Perserverance.jpg
Estados de Animo Quijotescos_Quixotic Moods.jpg
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