Mexican American Narrative, Cultural, & Mythological Scenes

     This ongoing, new body of work is about remembrances and speaks of my own experiences growing up biculturally and my appreciation for my Mexican cultural roots. 

LAS MADRES  I am addressing the determination and strength of working-class women while honor-ing their sacred journey, specifically the Latina madres and their children. Como mi Madre, they are champions of survival against what often appears to be relentless toil. They are undervalued and never genuinely appreciated while sacrificing their well-being, needs, and dreams. Las madres persevere against all odds, meeting every challenge without question, complaint, or tear, often with prayers.

     My objective is to pay homage to the mother-child relationship and portray the positive aspects of the quiet beauty and pride in their hearts in hopes of a better future. 

Todas Trabajamos, Hasta Las Niñas

Todas Trabajamos, Hasta Las Niñas

We All Work, Even Our Daughters | 2018 acrylic, collage, oil and wax on paper & wood panel 48” x 31.5” x 1.75”