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MISCELANEAS  Somewhere between there and here, I've accumulated many inspirations and influences. With these varying artworks, I make visible the marks they have imprinted upon me as they have coalesced into a soup of my journeys. My understanding and appreciation of the myriad contributions of our forefathers throughout Mexico's history make it unique, vibrant, and mysterious and provide me with many more opportunities to explore and expand my creative repertoire.

Passion, Patience, & Perserverance
El Destino
Diosa de Maiz
ALBAN PASADO_50x12.5_oilonpanel
MITLA PASADO_50x12.5_oilonpanel
MISCELANEA PASADO_50x12.5_oilonpanel
YAGUL PASADO_50x12.5_oilonpanel
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